Dance Savoir Faire Andrew Cuerdan

Holistic Dance Holidays

There’s nothing quite like a Dance Savoir Faire holiday. Immersing yourself in one of our dance holidays is the perfect way to escape hectic life, slow down and let happiness catch you.

We care passionately about people and their overall wellbeing hence we carefully design our holistic dance holidays to be fun, exciting and educational but also restorative experiences. Dance, if done properly, is already a form of therapy and so you are not only learning new skills in a fun and safe environment but you also reconnecting and caring for yourself and others.

We pride ourselves in offering a range of intimate and exquisite dance holidays for all ages and levels but most importantly, for those young at heart. Choose from one of our themed escapes or design your own using our @yours service.

Each holiday offers a daily mix of private and group dance classes as well as social dancing and entertainment each evening. We also provide a range of alternative classes and treatments depending on the holiday that support a healthy and happy life.  Our holidays are stress free and hence you are welcome to do as much as or as little as you like.

With exclusive, hand picked locations across the UK and abroad and a variety themed holidays throughout the year to satisfy most peoples tastes, we are confident we will have a holistic dance holiday perfect for you.

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